Who is Plushe?

Plushe is an international fashion brand that focuses on plus-size women's apparel, accessories and other fashion items. We are passionately dedicated to helping every woman, especially those with curves, create the life and possibilities she wants and deserves.

We pride ourselves on offering our exclusive up-to-date styles catering to those seeking the finest value. Because we believe that every curvy woman belongs to the world of fashion just like everybody else, we are deeply inspired to refine and create fashion that truly fits you. Our hope is that when you discover Plushe, you know a better way to treat yourself preciously.

Creative Team

Plushe proudly presents our strong creative team that always stays on top of the latest global fashion trends. Kai Yeung Yau, Creative Director and one of the founders of Plushe, puts forward the design concept of "Dissect Yourself. Deconstruct the World", and always believes that beauty is something that everyone is born with. He is dedicated to discovering the expression of women's natural beauty and emphasizing it with self-confidence.

After graduating from London College of Fashion in Womenswear, Kai became an emerging designer with unique insights into design ideas and refined sensibility. He aims to add an optimistic core to Plushe's clothing and is positively conscious of quality, fit and attitude. To help everyone find their own beauty is the original intention of Kai and his team for designing clothing for every curvy girl.

Quality is about Time. Before the launch of Plushe, our design team has spent almost a year researching the supplier chain worldwide and finally found our fantastic quality clothing made in China. We reached over 2000 manufacturers within 6 months, then shortlisted under 40 to guarantee every piece of clothing can meet our fashion belief in quality and taste. We create a simple principle of fashion duration in order to calculate a longer lifespan of clothing, as quality doesn't only mean the luxury value, but also the balance of life.

Visual Team

"To achieve the ultimate in every picture" - Creativity and texture are the directions pursued by Plushe's visual team. From shooting schedule planning to product presentation, the team is inspired by the combination of fashion and business. Our international photography team is equipped with the world's top lighting kits. The team is constantly expanding their horizons for elevation in their artworks.

Our Visual Director Titt is a professional photographer from France. He graduated from l'Institut international de l'image et du son (3iS Paris), the biggest audio-visual campus in Europe.

Traveling back and forth between Paris and New York, he regularly shoots fashion blockbusters for the "Big Four". His works have been published in Vogue, GQ, and other fashion magazines. Titt has photographed in more than 50 countries. In addition to fashion, he also took portraits of traditional handicraft producers in Africa and South America, actively devoted himself to photographing social activities related to environmental protection, and retained humanistic care in his works. "Telling stories with pictures" is his way of showing respect for photography and visual presentation.

Our Audience

We adhere to the belief that "every curvy woman deserves better". Our customers are midsize and plus size women from around the world that share a love for fashion and are confident of their own worth. They wear different styles and have different body types, but we all believe that beauty is not limited by numbers. Every woman is unique, and wearing the clothes that reflect their personality, everyone can shine with confidence!

Plushe has made its way to most consumer markets in the world including North America, South America, Europe, etc,. We are humble to serve our customers and sincerely hope to hear more of your voice.